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Termite Control

Termite Control

Did You Know? California termites are among the most destructive pests. If they aren’t dealt with quickly and effectively by qualified pest control companies, they can cause serious structural damage to your house. It’s crucial to contact a pest control company immediately if termites are found near your home or business. They can cause serious structural damage and even destruction.

California’s subterranean termites can be so prevalent that every new home must have a soil pretreatment before concrete foundations are poured. Pretreatments for termites last only 3 years, but they can be protected for many years if you keep up with regular inspections and treatments.

Protecting your California home from termites

All homes in California will be affected by termites eventually. It is important to understand what factors can affect your home’s protection. The termite control professionals will inspect your home and use trained techniques such as bait stations or chemical treatments to prevent pest infestation.


Because they provide shelter, food and protection to the young termite queens, termites love well-built homes. These insects use papain and gum arabic proteins to build their walls. They also mix cellulose fibers from paper-like materials with other natural resources. This helps them create perfect molds, which allows them to give birth to new generations.

How to identify termite activity

Termites are small insects that form mounds of soil underground. These colonies can grow to as high as a hill as an ant hill, and can number up to 300,000. These large colonies have’mud tubes’ that allow them easy access to cellulose (i.e. wood) for their food. This light brown mud may sometimes flow along the foundation stem wall, where it meets concrete. These straw-like tunnels allow pests to enter your home through cracks between boards and behind walls.

A termite inspection can be a great way to detect any termite activity. It is possible to exterminate termites by performing regular inspections and prompt treatment.

How do you control termites effectively?

The best way to eliminate termites is to treat the soil. Ant Control Sacramento uses Termidor liquid termite treatment products. It is not detectable by pests.

Desert subterranean termites are a common pest in the region. It is recommended that you periodically reestablish your treatment zone to prevent future infestations. These treatments are affordable and pet-friendly.

What are the steps in termite treatment?

The inspector will inspect the area to determine the scope of control. This includes identifying the size and other factors. The inspector will provide detailed information on the treatment area, including costs and estimated time to finish each step.

Our California licensed termite technician will arrive on treatment day to treat your home promptly. Before treating any property within your property, we will gather all information from the inspection. Our termite technicians are well aware of the importance of paying attention to termites. They can spread quickly so we pay close attention and ensure that everything is done in accordance with best practices.

You are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have termites again during your protection period.

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