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Spider Control

Spider Control

Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders that many people suffer from. Certain spider species are beneficial in the control of obnoxious insects through their consumption. Some spider species may not be as beneficial. California spider exterminators deal with many species.

Spider Control in California

The black widow’s body will have a reddish or orange hourglass-shaped marking. This is how you can identify it. It is not always fatal but can cause serious injuries to children. It can make you very sick for as long as two days. The toxin can cause muscle pain and swelling that can last up to a whole month.

The wolf spider, although they may look scary, is actually quite harmless. They do not live in webs and are solitary scavengers. They are mistakenly believed to have the long fur and body of small tarantulas. They are more likely to feed on insects and will often enter homes or businesses looking for water and food.

There are many common house spiders that we treat. They can be found at the base and corners of windows, foundations, and inside houses.


Cause of Spiders

Spider infestations can occur for many reasons. Spiders are often drawn to food sources. Spiders will eat insects that are attracted to light, moisture or food scraps. Spiders love to hide in rocks and woodpiles as well as ornamental plants. The infestation of home spiders can be caused when arachnids ride on your houseplant.

Spider Treatment

We use multiple methods to eliminate unwanted spiders from your home. To eliminate spider infestations, we will remove visible webs from patio furniture and eaves. We will treat the corners, foundation, near stucco homes’ lip and base plants.

Spider Prevention

First, remove spider webs that are very close to your building. You should also make sure you check your building for new spider webs at least once per week.

If you seal all cracks, spiders won’t enter your home. You can also take steps to prevent other pests from eating your home. Reduce outdoor lighting at night, and instead use yellow-colored bulbs. These are less attractive than white light.

Avoid allowing boxes, clutter, floor tiles, roof tiles and woodpiles to accumulate. These shelters are highly desirable to spiders.

California pest control companies can help with spider infestations. Ant Control Sacramento is a locally-owned and operated company. We are proud to serve California. We have the reputation of sending pest control technicians that you can trust to your house and who have the training and knowledge to solve any problem efficiently and effectively.

Black Widow Control

Ant Control Sacramento is aware that customers are concerned about safety. Our premium service offers several black widow treatment options that are effective in controlling pests.

Black widow spiders are attracted to damp, dark places. They can be found around homes and buildings. Their webs are often irregular and ragged, so they love to make them indoors in garages or basements. They prefer to be outside, but they will use sheds, garages and unoccupied corners.

Black widows prefer to nest low to ground so they are often found around foundations of buildings or homes, at the base of plants and around perimeter blocks.

Black Widow Treatment

A black widow spider can lay up to four to nine eggs each summer. A single sac can house up to 400 spiderlings. Black widow venom can poison healthy adults. In mild cases, it can cause muscle cramping and pain. The neurotoxin found in spider’s bite can cause serious illness in elderly, young children, and other people with health issues.

Black widows can be controlled with regular treatments. Ant Control Sacramento will inspect and treat your property for black widows. We will also inspect their eggs, sacs, and webs. Any areas we identify as black widows will be treated. During the inspection, our service technician will also remove any spider webs. This allows you to manage all types of spiders.

Preventing Black Widows

It is impossible to stop black widow spiders from entering your home or laying eggs. You can however take steps to eradicate any breeding areas.

Seal any cracks or crevices in your home. Make sure that weather stripping around doors isn’t damaged or missing any gaps. Commercial door sweeps are also available for exterior doors. You can remove black widows from their outdoor habitats by moving rocks, wood, and garbage piles away or getting rid. Keep your landscaping clean and at least six inches from any buildings or houses. You can also get rid of any clutter, boxes, or piles that have been left unattended for a long time in your home.

Black Widows are a pest that is common in California. Ant Control Sacramento can help with regular treatment plans. All of our standard treatments come with a 100 percent guarantee. Effective exclusion techniques and a consistent treatment program will make black widows less likely to happen in your home.

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