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When you need to keep pests out of your home, call our team. We offer seasonal pest control services that are tailored for each season so we can provide protection all year long!

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Through cracks in windows, foundations, and doors, ants can enter your apartment, condo, or house. Ants are the most common insect on the planet. There are over 12,000 known species of ants worldwide. Yet, there may be more ant species undiscovered!

These insects are social insects and live in complex community structures, either underground or in trees. Many ants rely on nectar, fungus, and seeds. Some ants may also eat birds or reptiles. Ants will eat food that we consider waste, such as trash and crumbs. One of the most amazing things about ants is their ability to carry up to 5,000 times their body weight in food, materials, and other living material. Contact us today to get the best ant control in Brighton.

California Bat


Bats can enter your apartment, condo, or home through cracks between doors, windows, foundations, and other small openings. California bats are a very common pest. Bats are generally shy and peaceful creatures however, they can carry serious diseases and unwelcome guests (like rodents) into their temporary homes, attics or sheds.

If you discover bats in your home or business, it is important to immediately consult wildlife or pest control professionals. They understand bat behavior and will find effective ways to control or remove them.

Bed Bugs


To eliminate bed bugs from your home, professional bed bug treatment is the best. It is easy to use the three-step Ant Control Sacramento Method.

Bed bugs can make your life miserable and ruin your business or home. They are transferred by exposed carpeting, mattresses, and clothing. They love hiding in secluded areas like behind picture frames.

With a few simple steps, you can get rid of bed bugs and keep them at bay. California bed bugs can be eliminated by being proactive. Do not wait for the problem to get out of control. Get the help of bed bug experts. You must understand the behavior of bed bugs and take steps to stop them from entering your home or business. If they do enter your home, contact a professional pest control company.



Carpenter Bees are active between April and June. Carpenter Bees build their nests from wood during this period. These nests are usually built into your decks and fascia boards. It is important to protect your California property from pests.

Some pests are dangerous for your home and can cause damage to your structure. Wood-destroying organisms are the most dangerous pests to building owners. Carpenter bees are wood-destroying insects that can cause severe damage to your home or business. Protect your home and business from carpenter bees by understanding their behavior and taking preventative steps to avoid them infesting your property.


Cockroaches can be found everywhere, including in Brighton. Cockroach infestations can have many causes, depending on which type of cockroach they are which can come in all sizes and shapes.

Our cockroach control technicians will spray all the places where cockroaches might hide. Dust will be applied to exterminate cockroaches. It turns any food source for them into pesticides. It also makes it so cockroaches are unable to reproduce. We may also bait hinges using Advion roach poison, which is extremely effective against these annoying critters.



It may seem like crickets are harmless, until you discover an infestation of them in your home. You will then have to deal both with the constant chirping and the creepy-crawly factor. Many cricket species are found in Brighton. House crickets are common in the Valley.

House crickets are usually a yellowish-brown or tan color. They measure about one inch. These pests are primarily plagued by the males’ incessant chirping that attracts the females. Additionally, spiders love crickets as a food source. You increase the likelihood of other spiders if you have crickets around.



Earwigs are sometimes called “pincher bugs” because of the shape of their cerci-shaped pinchers, also known as cerci. A single earwig can reach 2 inches in size. There are about 2,000 species. Only a few of these species can be found in Brighton due to the warm climate.

Earwigs prefer to live in dark and humid areas. Earwigs can be found near water fixtures, exterior, and interior expansion joints, as well as under rocks and other watered landscaping.

Earwigs do not actually crawl into your ears to lay eggs, contrary to popular belief. Their pinchers can cause skin irritations that are minor, and not very serious. An unpleasant odor can also be produced by a nest of earwigs. Earwigs also eat other insects that can harm plants which can be a benefit to gardeners. They can be a pest if they are allowed to forage and their numbers will continue to increase if left uncontrolled.



There are more than 2,000 different species of fleas. Only six flea species are found in both cats and dogs. 90% of all fleas in Brighton are caused or aggravated by cat fleas.

Cat fleas prefer cats, dogs, and humans as hosts. They are very small and can attach themselves to birds or mammals in order to survive. They are usually found in forests. Fleas are known to be some of the greatest jumpers on the planet, being capable of leaping more than 150 times their height.

Fleas, which are parasites, live off the blood and blood products of their hosts. Ant Control Sacramento’s flea & tick management specialists explain to customers that these wingless insects are subject to four stages: egg, larvae, and pupa development.

While fleas can survive for as long as three weeks on average they can be a serious pest. Fleas can be adapted to different environments by accelerating or slowing down the process of getting to another stage. Fleas may lay 20 eggs per day on average but can also produce as many as 50 eggs in the right environment. Protect your Brighton home or business by understanding flea behavior and taking preventative steps to avoid infestations.



Rodents can spread diseases and cause damage to your home and property. To find food, rodents will often go to trash cans, garages and vegetable gardens. Rodents can also chew through wires and wood, which increases the danger of a house fire. Rodent damage is responsible for up to 25% of American house fires. Rodents can also urinate anywhere they like, which can lead to unpleasant odors and health risks.

It doesn’t really matter if there is one rodent problem or an entire infestation. It is important to identify the type and size of the infestation to determine the best method to manage it. Ant Control Sacramento is a trusted rodent control company. We use the most up-to-date products and treatments. We will send service technicians to your home or business to eliminate any rodent infestation. 



Silverfish are nocturnal animals that prefer dark and moist environments. Because they are fond of finding a warm place under expansion joints and meter boxes, where there is plenty of moisture, silverfish are common among Brighton pest control professionals.

Homeowners often bring silverfish indoors, even though they may not know it. Silverfish can be spread from infested cardboard boxes and plastic containers to their home.

Silverfish prefer warm, moist places like basements and crawl spaces. They can get in through cracks in foundations and gaps around doors. Silverfish are attracted to dishes that have been left out in the open.



People are often afraid of spiders, and this fear is not uncommon. While some spider species can be useful in controlling pests, there are very few that are good for you. Brighton has many spider species. This means that you will be dealing with many different kinds of spiders no matter the season.

Protecting your home from large spider infestations or the painfully venomous bites of unsuspecting arachnids is a good idea. These creepy crawlies are abundant in Brighton, so don’t wait until it is too late to protect your home. Ant Control Sacramento is your spider control team and can stop unwanted guests from taking over.



Termites can cause serious damage to your home and are a nuisance pest. Heterotermes aureus, also known as “desert Subterranean”, is the most prevalent termite in Brighton. It’s also one of the most destructive. They can be destructive and invasive so get prompt treatment from an experienced pest control company if they are found around your property.

Active infestations are deterred by barrier termite control. They keep adult insects out of your home, preventing them from getting in to lay eggs and keeping new colonies away!

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Pest Control FAQ

HomeAdvisor projects that a single visit to a pest control company will cost between $300-$550. This is because the technician must diagnose, treat, and investigate the problem in one visit.

These are our main goals in controlling pests.

Prevention – Preventing pests from becoming a problem.

Suppression – Reducing pest numbers to a manageable level.

Eradication – The total destruction of a pest population.

Once the pest control service has been completed, they may recommend that you avoid your home for a certain period of time.

Pest control companies may recommend that you avoid your home for approximately 2 to 4 hours after the service is complete. The time taken to complete the service may vary and can extend up to 24 hours.

Pests will be eradicated and continued to be removed for up six weeks. If you don’t get regular treatments, some pests will be difficult to control however you will see a reduced amount of the infestation.

The most common method of pest control is the use of pesticides–chemicals that either kill pests or inhibit their development. Pesticides are often classified according to the pest they are intended to control.

In most cases, you will notice a significant decrease in pest activity within one to two days.

All your furniture doesn’t have to be moved. If possible to move end tables, couches and mattresses away form walls, this will enable the exterminator reach hard-to-reach areas where pests hide and seek refuge.

Schedule treatments and inspections once a quarter, or every two to four weeks. Regular inspections and treatments will help prevent pest problems from developing. It will be caught quickly if it develops.

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