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We offer full-service bee control and removal in Sacramento and the greater California metro area. It is best to not allow bees into your home. Instead, contact trained technicians who can take care of the problem.

Ant Control Sacramento employs a team of bee-removal experts who are specially trained to deal with all types of bees in California.

We have technicians who are specialists in Africanized honeybees. They are experts in their biology and habits. To ensure the job gets done right, we will employ the most effective control methods. Our specialized bee removal service will take care of your bee problem. Guaranteed.

Cause of Bees

Swarms are a group of bees who gather around an area, such as a building or tree branch, to make a nest. Swarms form when about half the colonies split off to start a new colony. The bees stay together as they search for a new home. Even Africanized honeybees, swarming bees don’t tend to be aggressive. They don’t yet have a home they can protect.

Beehives are the home of colonies of bees. In their beehives, the queen lays eggs and the bees create honeycomb and honeycomb. They build their hives in hollow tree trunks and attics. If you notice large numbers of bees around your home, or near your roofline, it is best to call a specialist.

Bee or Hive Removal

Ant Control Sacramento uses only the best bee-control products. Depending on whether bees are in open spaces or nesting inside walls, we will choose the best product for you. We use only environmentally-friendly products, but we can use non-chemical methods of eliminating the bees in some instances.

We will send a California state-licensed technician for bee control who has been trained in the treatment and care of Africanized honeybees. Ant Control Sacramento is known for providing quality service and a commitment to doing the job right.

Bee Prevention

First, let’s talk facts. A swarm of bees can’t be stopped from landing on your tree. It is impossible to stop a hive from moving into your home. The hollow of dead trees or the cavity in a wall cavity are places that bees like to nest.

However, these tricks can be used to discourage bees from entering your home.

  • Caulk cracks and gaps in walls, rooflines, or eaves to seal them.
  • Fill in the gaps with foam insulation to the walls.
  • Screen vents: Place fine-mesh screen across attic vents and baffling leading to other areas of your home.

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